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Service & Results

Outstanding Results Stem from Outstanding Service

At ACT, our dedication to service and performance is evident in our mission, our values and our actions each and every day. In line with our consultative approach, many of our clients, and the consumers we serve on their behalf, come to consider our staff as an educational resource. This not only makes our interactions more pleasant, it also helps us achieve outstanding results.

Client Service Team and Account Executives

Our clients enjoy working with experienced project teams who oversee their portfolios. An ACT account executive interacts with clients on all contractual and performance matters, and our knowledgeable Client Service team assists with all day-to-day inquiries and requests.

We believe that each client’s situation is unique, and we work to tailor our services to meet each client’s particular needs. Our team members understand the intricacies of specialized accounts receivable and debt collection, and many have also worked within the industries we serve.

Client Webinars, Newsletters & Workshops

In addition to new client orientation, during which your staff is provided training on our website, reporting, and collection strategies, ACT offers free informative newsletters, webinars, seminars and workshops on a range of topics important to your job.

Measurable Debt Recovery Results

ACT’s focus on finding the best long-term outcomes for clients and consumers enhances our overall debt recovery results. Through respectful interactions, more account holders are willing to address their financial obligations rather than stop communications and delay payments of past due accounts.

In surveys, 4 out of 5 clients rank ACT’s recovery results as better than or equivalent to other collection agencies, and that same ratio enthusiastically recommend our services.