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Consultative Approach

Our Consultative Approach Produces the Best Outcomes

There are many reasons why consumers may not pay a bill, but what are the reasons that consumers should pay a bill? Many debt recovery and accounts receivable management agencies don’t consider the consumer’s perspective during the collections process, but at ACT, our agents consult with consumers to understand what their circumstances and options are, what motivates them, and what will help them get to a better financial future.

ACT is more effective in recovering past due accounts because our approach is designed to educate and help consumers better understand and address their financial obligations to their creditors. Our agents operate in compliance with all regulations, including the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), but they go another step, adhering to the high ethical standards that are part of ACT’s culture and history.

In short, ACT believes each consumer deserves to be treated with respect, and our consultative approach achieves win-win resolutions for both our clients and their account holders. As a result, ACT has attained a reputation for having the fewest number of complaints among major collection agencies.

Achieving the Best Results for Clients

Our consultative approach extends to continued communications with clients. We work to understand your goals and how we can help you achieve them, whether that’s through custom solutions and training with our collections staff or through additional business process outsourcing solutions. Contact us to learn how our full suite of services can help you.