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Advanced Technology

ACT’s Advanced Collection Technology Enhances Results

ACT has invested in top-of-the-line technology for efficient collection management and to ensure smooth operations in our call centers. We have a team of in-house programmers who upgrade industry software to a level that meets the specific needs of our customers.

Latitude Collection System

Latitude is the most advanced software for collections, enabling comprehensive payment processing, credit reporting, dispute resolution, workflow and client reporting tools. In addition to using the software for collections on consumer debt, ACT has been the pioneer in adapting the software to meet the intricacies of educational and other specialized debt collection.

Latitude facilitates efficient:

  • Payment Processing
  • Credit Reporting
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Implementation with Custom Properties & Preferences
  • Automation of Workflow and Account Analysis
  • Placement Uploads
  • Online Client Reporting

Latitude Online Client Reporting

Latitude Web Access enables clients to access real-time data on ACT’s recovery success, including complete account records and a variety of helpful productivity reports. Web Access is directly connected to our Latitude collection system, so the information clients view is always up-to-the-minute accurate. The system offers an easy-to-use interface, and reports can be downloaded in Excel file format, enabling clients to perform custom sorting, filters and calculations.

Castel Detect Voice Analytics

The ground-breaking Castel Detect technology works to ensure call quality, aids in compliance, and helps remind collectors to adhere to ACT’s respectful, consultative approach. The voice analysis tool actively monitors calls and displays collector and consumer emotions in real time as calls take place. Collectors use Castel’s on-screen visual gauge to self-monitor their tone and modify their approach to positively affect the outcome of their conversations. Managers also see live analysis of every call, and, if emotions grow intense, they can intervene as needed. Call recording and post-call analysis includes the ability to drill down to specific times or keywords in recorded conversations, which aids in ongoing collector training.

Skip Tracing Location Discovery Tools

The first step in obtaining payment is knowing how to find the debtor. ACT’s partnership with location discovery and analytics services have made us an innovator in debtor location methods, combining traditional skip tracing with demographic trend data to obtain the most accurate information possible.

Through waterfall-style batch processing, more relevant location and asset information is returned upfront which allows our collectors to locate account holders and put financial information to use.

Online Payment Portal for Consumers

ACT offers our consumers advanced self-pay functionality through our secure website. Account holders benefit from online payment options, debt calculators and other helpful debt resolution tools. The convenience of paying online without the hassle of calling a collector means more consumers will pay their bills.