Default Prevention

Predict and Prevent Delinquent Accounts

Numerous programs and best practices can be utilized to prevent your account holders from defaulting. From forecasting predictive behavior leading to delinquency by at-risk accounts to implementing best practices in accounts receivable management, ACT can institute a complete program – using internal resources and those of respected third parties – to help your contacts stay on track and keep your revenue in the black.

Delinquency Management

ACT provides pre-charge-off delinquency management services to help clients manage at-risk customers. We believe communication is the key to successful default prevention, and our sophisticated call center services can be utilized to make reminder calls or to send text messages when payments are past due.

Predictive Behavior Analysis: Using our extensive analytical tools and years of expertise, ACT can effectively predict which consumers may have issues keeping their accounts current. This capability is invaluable in knowing what specific communications and actions to execute in order to keep accounts from becoming delinquent and/or going into default. Reaching at-risk accounts early delivers the most efficient results for you and the best outcomes for consumers.

Cure Programs: Newly delinquent accounts can be serviced to provide consumers the opportunity to cure their account by making payments current. Our technologies enable us to update accounts and “cure” amounts due, enabling you to continue service with your customers and maintain positive relationships.

Pre Charge-off Collections: Before accounts reach the point of “post charge-off” or “bad debt” delinquency (generally at six months past due), ACT will use our extensive resources to achieve debtor payments. ACT’s powerful skip tracing tools and techniques can locate account holders which you may have lost contact with, helping us maximize recoveries.

Trust the Financial Communications Experts

By partnering with clients and using our effective communications and counseling resources, ACT will devise a program to minimize delinquencies, enhance customer relationships and ensure timely payments are made. Using a proactive, data-driven approach, we can be sure we are targeting the right message at the right time to those who are at the highest risk. Should delinquency occur, we’ll work with consumers to bring accounts back in good standing as soon as possible. And when consumers have questions, we’ll have answers for them.

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