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Call Center Services

ACT Call Center Services: Connecting People and Technology

ACT’s state-of-the-art call centers nationwide can help meet the communications needs of your organization on a permanent or as-needed basis. These services can be deployed as a component of managing your business office or for limited-time campaigns. Whatever the case, we’ll train our team with your instructions, scripts and messages, easing the burden on your staff while maintaining high customer service standards.

Following are programs using ACT’s call center services:

Call Messaging: Ideal for providing reminders for deadlines or key events, ACT can deliver a scripted message to thousands of desired recipients in a matter of minutes. ACT records and delivers your custom voicemail message—up to one minute in length—to whomever you choose: customers, employees and more.

Inbound Call Center Services: ACT can help manage incoming telephone calls during high volume periods for your business office and other parts of your organization. Our call overflow services can ensure your customers receive outstanding service in a timely manner. Our phone system enables flexible call routing and handling, and specific toll-free numbers can be set up for different services, ensuring your customers are routed to the team who can help.

Outbound Call Center Services: When you need to disseminate information quickly, yet personally, ACT’s call centers can deliver multiple services. ACT’s predictive dialer can dial multiple accounts at once, and have live pickup by an operator, answering calls with minimal silence. Campaigns with predetermined messaging can be performed for fundraising campaigns, key events and more.

Customer Care and Business Process Outsourcing: When you need long-term call center assistance, ACT can staff dedicated programs according to your needs. See more under Business Process Outsourcing.

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