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Business Process Outsourcing

Leveraging People and Technology as Your BPO Partner

Ensuring your business operations run smoothly is critical, but some functions may not be among your organization’s strongest competencies. In some areas, you may find your business office chronically understaffed and without the resources to improve efficiencies. ACT partners with organizations to help them run the “business” behind their operations, so they can focus on their core mission, whether that’s imparting knowledge, serving customers or keeping communities moving forward.

ACT’s value-added business process outsourcing (BPO) services provide the people, technology and analytics that help organizations focus on their core operations and get ahead. We deliver comprehensive solutions covering ancillary functions to keep your operations running smoothly, increase cash flow and reduce overhead costs.

Accounts Receivable and Debt Collection

Most obviously, ACT’s years of experience in collection make us an ideal provider of first-party services related to accounts receivable management and other financial programs, including debt management, default prevention, and more. We can contact your customers as representatives of your business office for payments, thus keeping the relationship with your customers intact. See the links at left for more on our services in these areas.

Business Office Solutions

ACT’s business process outsourcing solutions can assist your business office with billing, payment processing, accounting, certificate renewals, credit card authorization, vendor management and many other functions. Our consultative approach ensures our outsourcing programs are individually designed to match our client's requirements regarding payment receipt and cash applications.

Customer Care Outsourcing Programs

ACT’s customizable outsourcing services provide organizations the people and technology needed to successfully deliver a customer care experience that is seamless, while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. Given our advanced employee training programs, ACT’s solutions can be used for any program where you need a trained customer service staff on a permanent or temporary basis. For instance, our business process outsourcing inbound programs can provide a staff skilled in order processing, enabling you to manage increasing orders, thereby generating greater revenue and minimizing customer complaints.

All ACT outsourcing solutions ensure your clients receive impeccable customer service, allowing you to focus on your core business while we increase your cash flow and maximize ROI. For more on our custom business process outsourcing solutions, please Contact Us.