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third Party Collection

Trust the Experts in Third Party Collection

Sending delinquent accounts to a third-party collections agency compliant with evolving regulations and technology standards can relieve the burden from your accounts receivable staff. Since 1990, ACT has specialized in helping our clients recover needed funds while treating debtors with respect.

With a unique combination of innovative technology, top-tier data security, four-level quality assurance, stringent compliance, intensive agent training, and a consultative collections approach utilized by highly trained agents, ACT provides debt recovery and collection solutions that deliver optimal results – whether on first, second or third placement levels.

ACT’s collection services can help you improve processes, reduce costs, increase cash flow, decrease bad debt write-offs, increase recoveries and protect your customer base.

ACT’s services in third-party collections include:

Post Charge-Off Collections: ACT can effectively work older delinquent accounts, including those accounts typically labeled “bad debt” where your internal collections process was not successful.

Letter Services: As part of the standard collections process, ACT will send notices to account holders as warranted.

Quality Assurance & Compliance: With fully staffed, four levels of quality assurance and compliance checks, you can rest easy knowing your accounts will be collected according to regulatory standards.

Leading Technology: ACT’s use of cutting-edge voice analytics software and a top-of-the-line collection management system improve efficiency and success.

Skip tracing: ACT utilizes tremendous resources and proven location discovery techniques to find consumers and improve recoveries.

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