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Striking the Right Balance to Assist Providers of Essential Services

ACT’s ethical, consultative approach to accounts receivable and collection has been very successful for utility providers of essential services, such as electricity and gas, water and sewer, and trash and recycling. We work closely with utility clients to assist both residential and business accounts.

ACT knows that utilities need to collect past-due receivables to preserve cash flow and support the bottom line. We also understand that given the sensitive nature of essential services, utility companies can be heavily regulated by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and other authorities.

Striking the right balance with consumers is essential to collecting needed revenue without jeopardizing the valuable relationships and public image you have established. ACT’s utility clients benefit from our many years of experience in consultative collections, as well as our strict adherence to regulations and compliance standards. Through ACT’s services, you are ensured both high productivity and high quality of service.

ACT offers a comprehensive suite of first and third party services to complement your business processes:

1st Party Receivables Management: We’ll become an extension of your staff and utilize our multi-channel call center communications (voice, text, call messaging, etc.) to help with payments as well as delinquency prevention. ACT provides timely receivables management and delinquency prevention solutions for your utility accounts that will help you increase profitability and reduce operational costs.

Customer Care Outsourcing: Our call center staff will interact with customers in your name for inbound/outbound calls related to billing inquiries, service initiations or terminations, outage notifications and more. As utilities face increased pressure from customers, regulators and shareholders, ACT’s outsourcing solution can ensure you deliver superior service while using fewer internal resources and staying within budget.

Third Party Collections: ACT’s consultative approach to collection maximizes revenue recovery while minimizing risks to your image and reputation. We’ll work fast to achieve a “pre charge-off” payment, and we have the ability to service“post charge-off” debt effectively as well.

ACT’s customizable solutions help utilities improve financial performance, optimize their operations and increase customer satisfaction. To learn more on how our solutions can assist you, please Contact Us.