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Receivables Management and Customer Care for the Communications Industry

ACT leverages people and technology to deliver superior receivables management and customer care solutions to the communications space, assisting with landline, long distance, wireless, internet, broadband and cable and satellite accounts. Fittingly, we focus on the utilization of strategic communications to help you build and preserve relationships with customers.

ACT’s integrated solutions can be tailored to your needs. Whether you need assistance with customer care or simply need help collecting on defaulted accounts, we have the people, advanced telephony and other technology solutions to help.

ACT’s solutions for the communications industry include:

1st Party Receivables Management: We’ll become an extension of your staff and utilize our multi-channel call center communications (voice, text, call messaging, etc.) to help with payments as well as delinquency prevention. This can include managing cure programs for newly delinquent accounts, or early stage collections to reach customers quickly and remind them of their obligations.

Customer Care Outsourcing: Our call center staff will interact with customers in your name for inbound/outbound calls related to billing inquiries, service initiations or terminations, outage notifications and more. Our staff will be trained according to your needs, whether that means implementing specific processes or understanding new services in the evolving communications industry.

Third Party Collections: ACT’s collectors use a consultative approach and know how to preserve your customer relationships while effectively overcoming consumer issues with delayed or non-payments. We’ll work fast to achieve a “pre charge-off” payment, and we have the ability to service“post charge-off” debt effectively as well. We’ll analyze account history to ensure we maximize recovery payments, and, whenever possible, bring your customers to the point of renewing their accounts for continued service.

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