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Consumer Finance

Helping Businesses That Serve Consumer Financial Needs

ACT’s work with organizations in the consumer market encompasses the servicing of private loans, retail, consumer lending and unpaid contracted services. ACT works diligently with its partners to provide cost-effective, custom-tailored solutions when clients’ internal recovery efforts may result in diminishing returns.

ACT’s highly skilled and trained collection professionals will maximize efforts to achieve desirable results while mitigating risk and exposure. ACT will mirror your organization’s policies and procedures while continuing to train and audit dedicated collection professionals assigned to your portfolio.

Consumer Finance Industry Collection Services

ACT provides premier debt collection solutions to retail and financial institutions nationwide. Clients consider ACT a leading performer in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. Some of the diverse portfolios we service include:

  • Auto
  • Banking
  • Credit Unions
  • Credit Card
  • Retail
  • Mortgage/HELOC
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Specialty Asset

Vast Experience in Auto Deficiencies: ACT knows that collecting on auto deficiencies is an art and can be a very sensitive business. ACT’s customer centric-approach enables our auto deficiency collection professionals to connect effectively with your consumers. We will assign a dedicated team of highly trained auto deficiency collection professionals to service your portfolio and all its unique nuances. ACT’s auto deficiency collection professionals can explain to consumers why a vehicle was possibly repossessed and sold at auction for fair market value and why there may still be a deficiency balance owed on the vehicle.

Auto Preferred Brand Customer Sensitivity: ACT collection professionals are sensitive to the fact that the average consumer is a preferred brand customer and despite the fact that they were unable to successfully maintain agreed-upon payments, they may still be a repeat customer. We have a team of experienced auto collection managers from Fortune 100 companies who are experienced in lease wear and tear deficiencies and end-of-term leases, along with miscellaneous charges resulting from extra mileage or damage to the vehicle.

Understanding Credit Union Members: ACT understands the unique concerns of credit unions, and no matter the situation, we will continue to treat your members as members. We’ll work to design an effective collection alternative for credit union members in financial distress. We are committed to helping credit unions mitigate risk and exposure while decreasing the cost of collecting outsourced business streams and verticals.

Customer-Centric Approach & Strategic Advantage

To foster a winning partnership, ACT will implement the most cost-effective strategies to maximize your return on investment within the shortest period of time. ACT values its partners and is committed to representing their brand by ensuring all customers and members experience our customer-centric approach. ACT’s goal is to ensure customers have a pleasant experience during payment negotiations.

ACT is a full-service collection outsourcing provider, with these advantages:

  • The ability to provide pre and post charge-off collection services
  • A scalable infrastructure to support your outsourcing needs
  • A comprehensive skip tracing strategy to deliver optimal recoveries
  • Pre-legal and post-legal deficiency recovery services
  • Ability to service a wide range of delinquent accounts from high volume and low balance consumer transactions to very large and complex contractual obligations
  • Acceptance of consumer, commercial and tort-based referrals
  • Tailored strategies to increase recoveries faster and more efficiently
  • A stellar reputation throughout the ARM industry for performance, results, collections expertise, state of the art technology and compliance
  • ACT believes having a single point of contact saves time and can increase recoveries. However, all levels of management support are available to meet your customer needs and expectations.

Contact Us today to learn how our comprehensive receivables management solutions can assist you in maintaining customer relationships while achieving your bottom line goals.