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Maintain Cash Flow and Manage Your Resources

Outsourcing past-due account recovery from business-to-business activities to ACT's Commercial division provides a cost-effective means to improve cash flow. ACT Commercial understands the unique nature of B2B account collections, which is why we keep our team separate from our consumer collections staff.

Businesses can rely on ACT's solid reputation to deliver consultative, knowledgeable service and outstanding results in these areas:

Third Party Collections

When collecting commercial debt, ACT creates a program around our client’s specific industry and needs. We then extensively train collectors specializing in our client’s debt type on the communication techniques needed for their customer base. Applying leading-edge technologies, such as real-time voice analytics and advanced call center capabilities, our highly trained staff will motivate your customers to remedy a delinquency in a timely fashion.

Our consultative approach engages your customers in developing the solution to get you paid. When your customer makes the decision to pay, as compared to having it forced upon them, you will be paid quicker, with fewer hostilities. This equates to more money back in your company’s bank account for reinvestment.

Asset Investigations/Skip Tracing

Gaining a debt resolution requires having the necessary information to approach your customer from a position of strength. Using our many databases, along with private investigators or field agents when necessary, ACT will get a clear picture of your customer’s financial situation and seek solutions based on real information. Researching data on real and personal property ownership, client lists, trademarks and patents, subsidiaries or sister companies and other pertinent data can provide additional leverage in the negotiation.

As needed, ACT will also use skip tracing techniques to investigate the trail of your missing customer through third party contacts. Having access to multiple databases assists ACT in location discovery, helping us find your debtors efficiently.


ACT makes every effort to recover your funds in a voluntary fashion from your customers. In some cases, attorney involvement and litigation may be necessary to collect delinquent debt. With your approval, we will manage the entire litigation process. Beginning with a pre-litigation analysis, you will be given insight into the decision to litigate as well as a grading of the recovery potential. Upon approval of suit, we will hire the attorney, give instruction, and monitor progress until the debt is resolved.

Call Center Services

ACT has advanced call center capabilities that can be used for many aspects of business in addition to collections. Whether you have seasonal spikes of incoming or outgoing calls, a need to remind customers of appointments or upcoming events, or any other reason, ACT has the ability to make the calls needed to support your business needs. See Solutions>Call Center Services for more information.

Business Process Outsourcing

When the volume of incoming or outgoing customer calls surpasses your staffing levels, you have two choices: increase staffing or reduce calls. To avoid losing money or losing clients to subpar service, outsource your calls to ACT. In most cases, business process outsourcing is cheaper than hiring, training, and managing your own staff. See Solutions>Business Process Outsourcing for more information.

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